Vojvodina: The Politics of Interethnic Accomodation Cover Image

Vojvodina: The Politics of Interethnic Accomodation
Vojvodina: The Politics of Interethnic Accomodation

Contributor(s): Allen H. Kassof (Editor), Livia Plaks (Editor)
Subject(s): Constitutional Law, Inter-Ethnic Relations, Ethnic Minorities Studies
Published by: PER Project on Ethnic Relations
Keywords: Serbs and Hungarians in Vojvodina; status of Vojvodina;
Summary/Abstract: This preface to the account of discussions between the Serbian democratic opposition and leaders of the Vojvodina ethnic communities about the future of Vojvodina is being written in June 2000. We do not know how much longer the Milosevic regime will remain in power, but sooner or later it will collapse. Its most deplorable legacy will be the deliberate and systematic destruction of the fragile interethnic accommodation that had once characterized the region. Much of the resulting suffering and damage is beyond repair any time in the near future: It is difficult even to conceive of normal relations between Serbs and Kosovar Albanians before another lifetime goes by.Nevertheless, Serbia remains a multiethnic country. If the Serbian democratic opposition is to succeed, it needs to work with the minorities. It needs their support and their votes now, and it needs to come to power prepared with a fair and effective minorities policy. The minorities, in turn, need a democratic future.

  • Page Count: 27
  • Publication Year: 1999
  • Language: English