Džuvljarke. Roma Lesbian Existence Cover Image

Džuvljarke. Roma Lesbian Existence
Džuvljarke. Roma Lesbian Existence

Author(s): Vera Kurtić
Subject(s): Gender Studies, Ethnic Minorities Studies, Social Norms / Social Control
Published by: European Roma Rights Center
Keywords: LGBT Roma; gender-based discrimination; homophobia; patriarchy; Romani lesbian existence;
Summary/Abstract: The topics I have chosen to discuss in this paper—the existence of women who are both Roma and lesbians, women who have emotional and sexual desires towards other women, and the issue of sexuality in itself— represent subjects which have been historically taboo, despite the fact that sexuality is one of the essential attributes to our very beings. Sexuality is a part of our personal identity; our sexuality informs our connections, relationships, our communities, and our entire society. It is a strong taboo to talk about female sexuality, not only within Romani communities but also more broadly in Serbia. In fact, no matter how ‘developed’ or ‘modern’ Serbian society is considered to be, especially when compared with other societies, or how ‘evolved’, or less patriarchal, Romani communities are now when contrasted with those in the past, women’s sexuality is still a subject that no one likes to discuss.

  • Page Count: 101
  • Publication Year: 2013
  • Language: English