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Masaryk jako Sociolog
Masaryk as a Sociologist

Author(s): Emanuel Chalupný
Subject(s): Recent History (1900 till today), Sociology of Politics
Published by: CEEOL Collections / Digital Reproductions
Keywords: Masaryk; Auguste Comte; Durkheim; Sombart; Giddings; Dilthey; Taine;
Summary/Abstract: Digitized copy of the Booklet published in Prague 1937 by A. S. Melantrich Publisher. FOREWORD OF THE AUTHOR: During some celebrations of Masaryk, I was entrusted with the task of explaining the significance of his sociological work. In 1925 it was a joint meeting of the "Masaryk Sociological Society" and "Social Institute", which was founded on March 5, E. Štern about Masaryk as a Social Politician. In 1930, the celebration was held at the "Free School of Political Science" on March 11, with individual speeches (Dr. V. Joachim, Dr. K. Hoch, Dr. H. Trauba, Dr. MA Zimmermann and Dr. J. Folprechta) were published in 5th issue of 2nd annual volume of the "Free School of Political Science Magazine". In 1935 it was again a joint meeting of "Masaryk Sociological Society" and "Social Institute" on March 5, which, after my speech, lectured Dr. Ed. Beneš about Masaryk as a politician, and the celebrated meeting of "Free Schools Polit. nauk "on March 6 with Dr. V. Joachima, Dr. W. Wohryzka, Dr. K. Hoch, O. Graf and ms. Two of these speeches, which I have written in writing, I present here, and I also re-write the article from "New Freedom" 1925, which it expediently supplements; others were spoken with the floor and not enrolled. The first edition of this book was published in the diary "Tribune" on 6 and 7 March 1925, the second in the New Freedom Week of 1925, the third in the "Free School of Political Science Magazine." Because I have always tried to make it possible he did not repeat, on the contrary, that my own speeches about the same subject were supplemented, I hope that even in this overlapping overprint, the public will find the necessary lessons quite comprehensible.

  • Page Count: 32
  • Publication Year: 1937
  • Language: Czech