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Speaking To My Country
Speaking To My Country

Author(s): Ian Masaryk
Subject(s): WW II and following years (1940 - 1949)
Published by: CEEOL Collections / Digital Reproductions
Keywords: World-War II; Czechoslovakia; Beneš;
Summary/Abstract: Ian Masaryk, as the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Czechoslovak Exile Government in London, had started at the beginning of World-War II a series of speaches, which were broadcasted every Wednesday by the B. B. C. Later, the intervals of the speaches became longer and mor irregular. In 1944 a collection of these speaches has been published in print by LINCOLNS-PRAGER (PUBLISHERS) LIMITED, London, with a foreword by Anthony Eden, the British Minister for Foreign Affairs. From A Eden's Foreword: "In this book we find Mr. Masaryk’s commentary on world events, delivered week by week as the war years unfolded. It was to him with his honoured name and reputation that his countrymen chiefly looked for truth and enlightenment on world affairs. In the midst of the spiritual and intellectual darkness which was, and still is, imposed on the occupied territories, the Czechoslovaks turned to Mr. Masaryk for the facts and for a reliable interpretation of those facts from the Czechoslovak standpoint. The present volume reveals the extent to which Mr. Masaryk met their need. Without doubt these talks have played a great part in maintaining the steadfast courage of the Czechoslovak people during their long ordeal." This file is a rer-digitized copy of the Lincolns-Prager book.

  • Page Count: 151
  • Publication Year: 1944
  • Language: English