№ 52 - Hooliganism Spills from Political onto Sports Terrains Cover Image

№ 52 - Huliganstvo: sa političkog na sportski teren
№ 52 - Hooliganism Spills from Political onto Sports Terrains

Author(s): Author Not Specified
Subject(s): Civil Society, Politics and society, Studies in violence and power, Sports Studies
Published by: Helsinški odbor za ljudska prava u Srbiji
Keywords: Serb nationalism; political activism of hooligans; Hooligans and right-wing politics;
Summary/Abstract: Ex-Yugoslavia’s bloody disintegration advanced violence into a way of life. After October 5, Vojislav Kostunica, the Serb Orthodox Church and scores of various organizations were preoccupied with rounding-off an ethnic state and hence reshaped the Serb nationalism. Kostunica’s two premierships were marked by numerous assaults against minority communities (mostly in Vojvodina in 2004-05) – and that resulted in internationalization of the Vojvodina issue. Policy of impunity practically enthroned the model of violence on which new generations were brought up. The value system was distorted and social tensions became a constant. Serbia’s present phase of state-building along the lines of European values faces strong opposition mostly from the groupings that have been particularly active at the time of Kostunica’s premiership. These groupings at still acting along the same lines: legitimization of nationalistic goals.

  • Page Count: 14
  • Publication Year: 2009
  • Language: English, Serbian