What Open Government Partnership (OGP) Does for Transparency? Cover Image

What Open Government Partnership (OGP) Does for Transparency?
What Open Government Partnership (OGP) Does for Transparency?

Author(s): Qëndresa Sulejmani
Contributor(s): Marija Risteska (Editor)
Subject(s): Governance, Political economy, Business Ethics
Published by: Центар за истражување и креирање политики
Summary/Abstract: This policy brief looks at the National Action Plan for OGP (2012-2014) to analyse the degree to which the commitments for transparency have been implemented and whether the new National Action Plan on OGP 2014-2016 addresses its deficiencies. Since the four pillars of open government – transparency, participation, accountability, and open data –– are interdependent and equivalent in their contribution toward good governance, to clearly define the scope of this policy brief, we will distinguish transparency from the other pillars by defining it as when the “public understands the working of their government” (as defined by Transparency Accountability Initiative). By adapting this definition to the commitments of the action plan, CRPM breaks down the definition in three central elements: * the obligation of public institutions to disclose public information at the request of citizens * the means for citizens to access proactively published information and * the right of citizens to receive information through services as set in the national standards for integrity. The following sections will aim to present a concise situation analysis in the three named aspects of transparency and conclude with a set of recommendations for their improvement. The analysis also uses the results of two public opinion surveys produced by CRPM in the period April 2013- September 2014.

  • Page Count: 24
  • Publication Year: 2014
  • Language: English