Updating the budget transparency framework of the Republic of Moldova Cover Image

Actualizarea cadrului de transparență bugetară din Republica Moldova
Updating the budget transparency framework of the Republic of Moldova

Author(s): Dumitru Budianschi, Tatiana Savva
Subject(s): Public Administration, Fiscal Politics / Budgeting
Published by: EXPERT-GRUP Centrul Analitic Independent
Keywords: public finances in Moldova;
Summary/Abstract: In the last period, society has noticed an increase in interest towards the activity of the authorities, in particular, towards the way in which they allocate and spend public money. In order to ensure budget transparency, it is crucial to have a regulatory framework that covers all stages of the budget cycle, as well as all the institutions involved. In the Republic of Moldova, there is a rather dense framework regarding transparency and access to information, which in the meantime has undergone multiple changes. The purpose of this study is to analyze the existing regulatory framework to identify the main gaps in ensuring budget transparency. // To accomplish this task, the description of the concept of budget transparency and its relation to other concepts and notions, as well as good practices on this subject, will be presented. Afterwards, the structure of the National Public Budget and the stages of the budget process will be briefly presented. The description of the regulatory framework for ensuring budget transparency will follow, in which the laws, government decisions and, as appropriate, other regulatory acts will be presented. The description of the meaning of budget transparency will be carried out in accordance with the current best practices promoted by the International Budget Partnership and other international organizations. Thus, as a result of the disclosure of the meaning of the concept of budget transparency, the transparency criteria will be identified, which will be used later in the evaluation of the regulatory framework in order to identify the gaps in the budget transparency regulation. // The study primarily analyzes the transparency of the budget process of the BS. At the same time, taking into account the importance and relations of this document with all the components of the budget system of the Republic of Moldova, the BPN will also be discussed, and, as the case may be, other components of the budget system.

  • Page Count: 26
  • Publication Year: 2017
  • Language: Romanian