Foreign Policy Insight, Issue 2014 - 09 Cover Image

Foreign Policy Insight, Issue 2014 - 09
Foreign Policy Insight, Issue 2014 - 09

Author(s): Not Specified Author
Subject(s): Economic policy, International relations/trade
Published by: МЦПД Міжнародний центр перспективних досліджень
Keywords: ASEM Summit; “Ukrainian case” ; Malaysian airliner; Russian cooperation with China;
Summary/Abstract: Foreign Policy Strategies and Decisions // The 10th Asia — Europe Meeting Summit in Milan: no war, no peace // German spy games around Malaysian airliner // Energy Diplomacy // Preferential trade with Ukraine will be given the green light // Economic Diplomacy // Sanctions make Russia enhance its cooperation with China // International organizations are willing to increase aid to Ukraine // Energy autonomy of Donbas: reality or myth?

  • Page Count: 7
  • Publication Year: 2014
  • Language: English