National Security & Defence, № 130 (2012 - 01) Cover Image

Національна безпека і оборона, № 130 (2012 - 01)
National Security & Defence, № 130 (2012 - 01)

Author(s): Mykhailo Mishchenko, Lyudmila Shangina
Subject(s): Micro-Economics, Agriculture, Economic policy, Political economy, Economic development
Published by: Український Центр економічних і політичних Досліджень імені Олександра Разумкова
Summary/Abstract: UKRAINE - ON THE EVE OF THE COMPLETION OF LAND REFORM? // PUBLIC OPINION ON LAND POLICY AND LAND REFORM IN UKRAINE // Citizens' assessment of the state's land policy // The situation on the land market // Plans of landowners, tenants and citizensin general for the future // Attitude to the development of large joint-stock agricultural enterprises and farms // Citizens' assessment of the land rights registration system // Legislation governing land ownership: level of awareness and evaluation // Interest in the problem of the land market // Private ownership of agricultural land: attitude, understanding, vision of the optimal model for Ukraine // Attitude to the purchase and sale of land agricultural purpose // Citizens' attitudes towards adoption issues Law "On Land Market" // PROBLEMS OF INTRODUCTION OF THE FREE MARKET OF AGRICULTURAL EARTH: FOCUS GROUP RESULTS REPORT // I. Positions of owners of land plots (shares) // II. Positions of farmers // III. Common positions // IV. Conclusions // ABOUT THE LAND, OR NOTES IN THE FIELDS OF THE PRESIDENT'S INTERVIEW // Introductory retreat // The president - for explanatory work, citizens - for the referendum // How it started // Field Owners: Rights and Opportunities // The results of the first 20 years of reform // About agrarian policy, or What to do? // Conclusion, or For the information of the authorities and citizens // THE LAND OF OUR ANXIETY // Why is this reform needed? // About the price of land and its increase // I need a lot of money… // Land and personal life // Property in our way // So what do we lack to complete land reform? // ATTITUDES OF POLITICAL PARTIES AND THEIR LEADERS TO THE ISSUEOF LAND RELATIONS IN UKRAINE

  • Page Count: 37
  • Publication Year: 2012
  • Language: Ukrainian