Robots – A Strategic Solution from Recovery to Resilience Cover Image

Robots – A Strategic Solution from Recovery to Resilience
Robots – A Strategic Solution from Recovery to Resilience

Author(s): Florian Râpan, Ivona RĂPAN
Subject(s): Environmental and Energy policy, ICT Information and Communications Technologies
Published by: Scientia Moralitas Research Institute
Keywords: robots; recovery; resilience; digitalisation
Summary/Abstract: Robots together with the other components of Industry 4.0 represent an important part of the recovery and resilience strategy of the Member States. In short periods of time, the labor market is affected by the dislocations caused by robotics and automation, but in the long term, employees will be reoriented through retraining and thus more jobs will be generated that will ensure a lower unemployment rate. The paper analyzes possible strategies to help the Member States pass from recovery to resilience, which means getting to a higher level than before the shock or crisis. Strategic directions are designed based on composite Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) subindicators and integrative concepts also are being approached. An example of integrative concept is autopoiesis, that metaphorical could be a solution from recovery to resilience applied on different countries refering to institutions, government by using the same strategy to selfrecover and grow from inside as an autonomous system. Other strategies are offered, the analysis of critical points seen as decisional aspects, the identification of the center of gravity and the existence of an operational plan within the strategic one. The strategic solutions that will lead to recovery and resilience, first of all, must have a vision.

  • Page Range: 77-82
  • Page Count: 6
  • Publication Year: 2021
  • Language: English