The Dispute Revival for the Superpower Status Cover Image

The Dispute Revival for the Superpower Status
The Dispute Revival for the Superpower Status

Author(s): Romică Cernat
Subject(s): Security and defense, Military policy
Published by: Centrul tehnic-editorial al armatei
Keywords: competition; bipolar world; world superpower; international order; state actor;
Summary/Abstract: The resurgence of Russia and the rapid development of China have created a new period of rivalry for superpower status. The debates of the main global actors on the relaunch of competition have led to a review of the importance of the great strategy and geopolitics as a starting point for analysing the defence funding level, strategy, plans, and programmes. The post-Cold War period of international relations, which began in the early 1990s and generally was referred to as the unipolar stage, with the United States as the sole superpower, passed into a new phase, marked by events with global consequences from 2006 until 2014. The international environment has shifted to a fundamentally different situation characterised by a resurgence of dispute by China and Russia and the challenges of these two countries to the specific mechanisms of the US-led international order, which operated even after the end of the First World War. Counter-terrorism and other military operations in the Middle East, which have been the focus of discussions on military-specific issues following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, continue, but now are a less dominant element in US military concerns, other areas related to China and Russia becoming now relevant.