Gheorghe Dabija - Soldier, Diplomat and Writer Cover Image

Gheorghe Dabija - Soldier, Diplomat and Writer
Gheorghe Dabija - Soldier, Diplomat and Writer

Author(s): Gabriel-George Patrascu
Subject(s): Military history, Recent History (1900 till today), Security and defense
Published by: Centrul tehnic-editorial al armatei
Keywords: Brigadier General Gheorghe Dabija; First World War; Romanian military writer; military attaché;
Summary/Abstract: Gheorghe Dabija became known in the Romanian military journalism through his studiesand works of military pedagogy, where he approached various aspects of the training andeducation of the troops. Within the period 1910-1913 he was a military attaché in Sofia andBelgrade. He participated in the Reunification War 1916-1919, commanding different militarystructures, a fact that enabled him, after the finalization of the military operations, to dedicatehimself to the military history, drafting an exceptional monography dedicated to the battleactions developed within the period 1916-1918.