Romanian Navy Officers sent to Study Abroad (1925-1928) Cover Image

Romanian Navy Officers sent to Study Abroad (1925-1928)
Romanian Navy Officers sent to Study Abroad (1925-1928)

Author(s): Marius Laurențiu Rohart
Subject(s): Military history, Recent History (1900 till today), Security and defense
Published by: Centrul tehnic-editorial al armatei
Keywords: Navy; interwar period; Naval Academy; naval tactics; naval doctrine;
Summary/Abstract: Despite the fact that the Navy School was established in Constanța, in 1920, the RomanianNavy considered necessary to send several young officers to study at the Naval Academiesin the West. This practice was implemented in the 19th century and many famous officers,some of them even Navy Commanders, graduated from Naval Academies in the West.The present study focuses on a group of young officers educated and trained in Italy and France,starting in the mid ’20s. Studying their reports sent to the Navy Inspectorate in Bucharest,interesting lessons are emphasised, which were implemented when they came back to thecountry. From concepts, through naval tactics, to complex exercises, each officer belonging tothe group could acquire certain skills, depending on the specifics of the Navies of the countriesthey studied in. Once they returned to the Romanian Navy, the officers could promote theacquired information, which had important effects on the Romanian naval thinking during theinterwar period.