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The Black Sea Militarisation
The Black Sea Militarisation

Author(s): Marius ŞERBESZKI
Subject(s): Security and defense, Military policy
Published by: Centrul tehnic-editorial al armatei
Keywords: Black Sea militarisation; Anti-Access Area Denial; Crimean Peninsula; Ukraine; Russia; Romania;
Summary/Abstract: Romania, by the nature of its political orientation, its Euro-Atlantic community membership,the specific agreements, treaties and undertaken partnerships, as well as its geographicalposition, lies at the Eastern border of both EU and NATO. As a result, one of the assignedmissions of its air and naval forces is the monitoring of the situation developments in the BlackSea region, in order to ensure the early warning and useful information needed at strategicand operational decision-making levels.The occupation of the Crimean Peninsula, its saturation with troops and military equipmentby the Russian Federation and the public declarations of Russian officials, referring to someNATO countries, have generated a lot of tension and uncertainty in the region. All thementioned aspects have led to the Black Sea area gradual transformation, from a quiet areaof free trade and the germ of economic development at regional level, to a “stormy” areabetween the Russian Federation and the West.The connection between action and reaction causes a cyclical effect, as in any system. Inthat manner, the consolidation of Anti-Access Area Denial (A2AD) capabilities by a state willgenerate, even though only as a precaution, a sustained effort from another state or coalitionof states to find out a solution to counter them.