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Migration Of Work Force In Conditions Of Globalization
Migration Of Work Force In Conditions Of Globalization

Author(s): Hasan Jashari
Subject(s): Labor relations, Migration Studies, Globalization
Published by: Transnational Press London
Keywords: Sociology; work force; human capital; movements; globalization;
Summary/Abstract: What history writes about Marko Polo today is an old story - a story about a merchant and an adventurer. But now we are not even in Frederick Taylor's time and in the initial industrial capitalism. Today, Neoliberalism and the 4th Industrial Revolution are a new challenge for civilization. On the other hand, globalization today is not just a transfer of information and technologies, but more and more becomes a process of labor movement.The fall of Berlin wall made the East German exodus in western Germany and this was then followed by workers; Poles, Czech, Hungarians ... This process of labor force movement is continuing and intensified in Europe after the Syrian crisis of 2014-2016, when nearly one million refugees through Turkey were going to Europe and nearly 800,000 of them settled in Germany. Recent polls are that EU countries in the next 5 years will need even 4 million workers more.This paper, viewed from a sociological point of view, will try to answer the question of how is the situation with workforce and human capital in the Western Balkans. The question is, after the fact that more and more of the educated and qualified young people's power move to the west, what will happen to the Macedonian labor market? The next question is whether after 2025-27 when it is foreseen that Macedonia will become a member of the EU, the labor force needs will be met by Syria, Afghanistan, Kurd etc.Through a questionnaire survey we will collect and interpret data on student attitudes about human capital and their future under conditions of major social and economic change.

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  • Publication Year: 2020
  • Language: English