Empowering Innovation and Creativity in the Educational Managerial Process Cover Image

Empowering Innovation and Creativity in the Educational Managerial Process
Empowering Innovation and Creativity in the Educational Managerial Process

Author(s): Amalia Venera Todoruţ
Subject(s): Management and complex organizations
Published by: Trivent Publishing
Keywords: creativity; innovative teaching; Lean Management; value; knowledge
Summary/Abstract: Education is increasingly facing challenges that involve adapting to change, as well as transforming the world in which we live. In modern knowledge-based society, creativity and innovation play a key role, being major strategic elements that contribute to long term economic growth. In fact education is the key to the global integrated framework of sustainable development goals. This paper highlights the need to empower innovation and creativity in educational managerial process and proposes several approaches. It focuses on issues related to creative learning and innovative teaching in societies where the acquisition of knowledge utilises forms of increasing intensity thus requiring changes and deep transformations in all educational environments. The fundamental objective of the paper is to underline the need to learn creatively and to teach innovatively, given that the development of information technologies and the many and varied sources of information, demand that students need to develop and expand their own personal learning approach. Based on scientific studies, best practices and comparative analyses, the paper identifies the facilitators which, along with technology, support creative learning and innovative teaching. An innovative management model in educational establishments with deep effects on the personal development of pupils and student, is described. The author proposes to implement Lean Management principles in educational process, as a tool to increase creativity and innovation in teaching and learning activities, as well as generate new added value to the educational process. A novel model entitled „Learning by development” has been developed, which focuses on learning through practical experience and emotional intelligence, factors that contribute to educational performance, as well as personal well-being.

  • Page Range: 174-187
  • Page Count: 14
  • Publication Year: 2020
  • Language: English