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The Effects of Migration on Germany
The Effects of Migration on Germany

Author(s): Petronella Képes
Subject(s): Social development, Migration Studies
Published by: Scientia Moralitas Research Institute
Keywords: European Union; Germany; evolutionary game theory; migration; population;
Summary/Abstract: Migration from third world countries toward the European Union is one of the biggest challenges that the European Union has to face. It represents political, economic, and societal risks as well as new opportunities. Depending on the weights one attaches to the ups or the downs of migration, the overall effects of migration are dubious. There is also a problem even with the term migration because people use it in several meanings: one of the goals of this paper is to dispel the misunderstanding around the definition. A previous research focused on the probable effects on Germany's population of immigration coming from the third world simply as a function of the number of immigrants. The purpose of the current paper is to elaborate further this simple model by introducing education. Namely, if the willingness to have children also depends on education, how will Germany’s population react to immigration, how the distribution of subpopulations will change. The paper presents possible scenarios by using evolutionary game theoretical tools.

  • Page Range: 194-201
  • Page Count: 8
  • Publication Year: 2020
  • Language: English