Grave from Vladycheni with Adornment of the Hungarian Type Cover Image

Погребение из Владычень с украшением венгерского облика
Grave from Vladycheni with Adornment of the Hungarian Type

Author(s): Maksym V. Kvitnytskyi, Nicolai P. Telnov, Vitalii S. Sinika, Sergey D. Lysenko, Attila Türk
Subject(s): History, Archaeology, Middle Ages, 6th to 12th Centuries
Published by: Издательский дом Stratum, Университет «Высшая антропологическая школа»
Keywords: left bank of the Lower Danube; 9th—10th centuries; Hungarians; Magyars; burial; plate-rosette
Summary/Abstract: It is the first introduction of a funerary complex, investigated at the Vladycheni-I cemetery on the left bank of the Lower Danube. The only bronze plate with the image of an eight-petal rosette with a rounded projection in the center was preserved in the completely looted grave. This item, undoubtedly, belongs to the Hungarian artistic repoussage. This circumstance allows us to consider such finds (as well as their replicas on foil) as reliable markers of the early Magyars’ presence in the North-West Black Sea region.