The polycode phenomenon of titles of electronic media as a language game Cover Image

Поликодовость заголовков электронных СМИ как средство языковой игры
The polycode phenomenon of titles of electronic media as a language game

Author(s): Valentina Alexandrovna Toropkina
Subject(s): Media studies, Lexis, Semantics, Sociolinguistics, Eastern Slavic Languages, Philology, Globalization
Published by: Masarykova univerzita nakladatelství
Keywords: media text; language game; polycode; precedent phenomenon; inographixation; foreign language element; poligraphixation;
Summary/Abstract: The report on the material of titles of Russian electronic media analyzes the polycode phenomenon as one of the specific features of the modern media text, caused by tendency to globalization. We study such manifestation of polycode phenomenon as the use of a foreign graphic in the Russian-language text headlines. The headers of Russian internet media actively involve untapped foreign-language graphical elements (Загнанные в Google, Всевидящий Glass), poligrafixation (Массовый PSYхоз, DDoSтали, SMS-ополчение), transliteration, Russian words in a foreign graphics (Загадочная русская dacha, Доктор Aibolit). These elements have great expressive potential to use them as part of the language game. Foreign-language elements are used for the transformation of precedent phenomena (Вишневый cash, SIM, SIM, откройся), are played semantically and phonetically as part of puns.

  • Page Range: 247-254
  • Page Count: 8
  • Publication Year: 2016
  • Language: Russian
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