Firearms – A Double-Edged Sword Cover Image

Firearms – A Double-Edged Sword
Firearms – A Double-Edged Sword

Author(s): Robert Şerbănescu
Subject(s): Security and defense, EU-Legislation
Published by: Scientia Moralitas Research Institute
Keywords: components; firearms; legal criteria; structure;
Summary/Abstract: The dual nature of the human race has been the major cause for both positive and negative actions throughout history. Socrates insisted that a man must have a clear representation of both good and bad, so he may choose the proper approach. Therefore, any direction followed by an individual can lead to either desirable consequences or the opposite. Firearms were created as a means of protection and prevention from invaders. However, even if during periods of conflict they have proven their usefulness by defending homelands and other key locations, in the hands of an ordinary person they provided the possibilities to take the criminal activity to another level. In this manner, crimes could be committed at a faster rate, with more accuracy from a safe distance, lowering the chances of the victim to be able to defend themselves. In order for one to understand the concept of the firearms being a “double-edged sword”, he requires to have a clear representation of the complexity shown by a weapon structure, the key components, the power which can pe generated by using a firearm and the damage done. Also, the representation, besides the mechanical and structural part, must include the criteria based on which an individual can have, keep and use a firearm, with the general differences from one legal system to another.

  • Page Range: 262-265
  • Page Count: 4
  • Publication Year: 2019
  • Language: English