Tele-Working in European Legislation and the Romanian Law System Cover Image

Tele-Working in European Legislation and the Romanian Law System
Tele-Working in European Legislation and the Romanian Law System

Author(s): Agata Mihaela Popescu
Subject(s): Labor relations, EU-Legislation
Published by: Scientia Moralitas Research Institute
Keywords: labor legislation; labor relations; tele-work; tele-employees;
Summary/Abstract: At the present, labor legislation is at a crossroads, the changes at both national and European level have shown that a radical change of vision on working relations is necessary. One of the most recent legislative changes is the regulation of a new type of special contract – tele-working. In support of the flexibility of the labor relations and their modernization. Romanian legislation has adapted to these requirements, by adopting the Law no. 81/2018 on regulation of teleworking activity, in force since April 5, 2018. The scope of the Law is undefined, while the text of Art. 1 par. (2) regulates that “This law shall apply in the fields of activity where it is possible to carry out tele-work activity”. In other words, without specifying who is the addressees of the law, it concerns a category of employees who are connected to the realities of communication technology in a broad sense, to the latest news of the field in which they work and, in general, to the daily universe through the Internet, social networking and mobile applications. In other words, the recipients are the workers involved in the information society through its use and development, and not every worker holding a terminal that can connect to information and communication technology, since it is a “tele-employee” only the one who is willing to use the equipment needed to deliver the result of his work in an employment relationship, of course in agreement with the employer.

  • Page Range: 170-173
  • Page Count: 4
  • Publication Year: 2019
  • Language: English