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Teaching Children of Color
Teaching Children of Color

Author(s): Delia Robinson Richards
Subject(s): School education, Educational Psychology, Social development
Published by: Scientia Moralitas Research Institute
Keywords: Cultural sensitivity; Diverse learners; Multiple Intelligence Theory, “All About Me” Profile; English Language Learners (ELL);
Summary/Abstract: The purpose of this presentation is to discuss teaching and learning strategies that will generate encouragement and support with cultural sensitivity for diverse learners. Three Key Learning Objectives: (1) Recognize and identify the different learning styles of diverse learners, (2) Develop and support differentiation instruction to meet the needs of diverse Learners, (3) Construct and summarize effective teacher characteristics to engage diverse learners in reaching their maximum potential. This presentation will be information for early childhood educators to locate information on challenges that they can encounter and solutions to solve these challenges. The presenter will discuss how the following components are relevant for teaching children of color and how relevant these components are to building positive self-esteem in children of color. These are (1) the teacher’s attitude, (2) the learning style of the students in the classroom, (3) the parent/family’s role in the education of the student, (4) exploring the student’s cultural background and (5) resources that are available. The components will be critical in helping each student reach their maximum potential. This paper will demonstrate how to meet the needs of the diverse learners by empowering teachers, families, and students. The information will service all educators, including novice and tenure teachers, families, and administrators. Educators can use the information as a referral guide that will demonstrate respect and appreciation for the diverse learners.

  • Page Range: 91-97
  • Page Count: 7
  • Publication Year: 2019
  • Language: English