The Alestuy Homestead Site of the Mongol Period in the East Baikal Region Cover Image

Усадьба Алестуй монгольского времени в Забайкалье
The Alestuy Homestead Site of the Mongol Period in the East Baikal Region

Author(s): Nikolay Nikolaevich Kradin, Svetlana E. Baksheeva, Evgeny V. Kovychev, Artur V. Kharinsky
Subject(s): History, Archaeology, Middle Ages, 13th to 14th Centuries
Published by: Издательский дом Stratum, Университет «Высшая антропологическая школа»
Keywords: Transbaikalia; Middle Ages; Mongols; homestead; structures; structural design of dwellings;tile;
Summary/Abstract: The Alestuy homestead site is located nine kilometers north-east from the Khirkhira Mongolian medieval town in East Baikal region. It consisted of a 1.5 m high filled-up platform with dimensions 17×28—32 m extended along the north-south line. The platform was surrounded by a low rectangular bank (0.3 m) with dimensions 71×71 m. The bank was oriented almost by the cardinal points. We have conventionally marked it as the main yard. Another 64×33 m rectangular banked area was annexed to the northern bank. We studied the northern and western parts of the homestead and the neighboring territory of the yard up to the bank. The total excavation area was 400 sq. m. Among the finds there were a large number of iron nails of various sizes, fragments of different iron and bronze goods, a flat arrowhead, a stone smoother, a fragment of a plowshare, bits of slag, fragments of a crucible, an iron lock, wheel hub liners, the rim and pieces of the walls of iron cauldrons, birch bark fragments with holes, dice made from tiles and some items made from rectangular tiles with holes. We also found 16 whole bricks. The most commonly spread material was the roof tiles. Typologically the tiles from the Alestuy homestead were compatible to the tiles from the Khirkhira town, Konduisky town, and had many features in common with the Narsatuy homestead from Buryatia and Den-Terek town from Tuva and Avarga from Mongolia.