On PROFINET: industrial automation and the Internet Cover Image

Върху PROFINET: промишлена автоматизация и интернет
On PROFINET: industrial automation and the Internet

Author(s): Plamen Ribarski
Subject(s): Economy, ICT Information and Communications Technologies
Published by: Икономически университет - Варна
Keywords: automation of production; Internet; Profinet
Summary/Abstract: The article is an analysis of one of the new communication standards Pofinet (IEC 61158), which significantly expands the functionality of data exchange and meet a wide range of requirements for the use of Internet networks for industrial automation. The different mechanisms of connections between the modules and the various instrumentation tools for the design and automation of production are examined. An analysis of the network components of the system, the communication software program, the investment attractiveness and other indicators of the system was made, as well as a short comparison with similar systems. A summary of Profinet's strengths and weaknesses is made.