Serbian Nationalism in the 20th Century Cover Image

Srpski nacionalizam u dvadesetom veku
Serbian Nationalism in the 20th Century

Author(s): Audrey Helfant Budding
Subject(s): Transformation Period (1990 - 2010), Post-Communist Transformation
Published by: Helsinški odbor za ljudska prava u Srbiji
Summary/Abstract: Despite the diplomatic, military and political defeat of the Greater Serbia project of Slobodan Milose-vic's regime, despite the fact that he is answering to the international tribunal today for crimes commit-ted in his conduct, crimes involving genocide in Bosnia, myths created by Milosevic's propaganda in an attempt to conceal their tracks, they survived in significant parts of the Serbian public to this day.

  • Page Range: 45-126
  • Page Count: 86
  • Publication Year: 2004
  • Language: Serbian