Revista BIBLIOTECA [“The Library” Review]: 1948-2018 Cover Image

Revista BIBLIOTECA [“The Library” Review]: 1948-2018 Librarians
Revista BIBLIOTECA [“The Library” Review]: 1948-2018

A Landmark in the Professional Community of Romanian Librarians

Author(s): Elena Tîrziman, Maria MICLE
Subject(s): Social Sciences, Library and Information Science
Published by: Trivent Publishing
Keywords: Romanian journal "Biblioteca" - 70 years of existence; communication; dissemination; information science; library; book role; knowledge; culture; Romania
Summary/Abstract: The “Biblioteca” Journal, edited today by the National Libary of Romania, is a monthly publication best known in the Romanian library environment. It is the oldest publication dealing with library studies in Romania: in 2018, "Biblioteca" celebrates 70 years of existence. The journal first appeared in 1948, but over time, it changed its format, its periodicity, and of course its sections, but it consistently remained a standard for the Romanian journals specialized in librarianship. Furthermore, its presence in the professional community for such an extended period has had multiple meanings. Throughout time, the journal crossed various crises, and its pages bear the mark of its history. Today, the "Library" journal continues to be a binder of the professional community of Romanian librarians, although it faces the challenges of digital communication. This chapter will highlight the evolution of the Romanian Library Science as reflected in the pages of this specialized publication by analyzing the journal content with special focus on its thematic evolution.

  • Page Range: 144-151
  • Page Count: 8
  • Publication Year: 2018
  • Language: English