The Book and the Separate Room Cover Image

The Book and the Separate Room
The Book and the Separate Room

Author(s): Carmen Adriana Gheorghe
Subject(s): Social Sciences, Library and Information Science
Published by: Trivent Publishing
Keywords: Book; separate room; Shakespeare’s sister; writing; library; literature
Summary/Abstract: Books seduce, as words distract the reader from reality, absorbing them in the imaginary of its pages and transforming them. Books offer pleasure immersed in intelligence, creativity, open-mindedness and, often times, in happiness. The experience of the book can be attained through two perspectives: that of the creator, who escapes, in a separate room, from his/her social, professional, or familial issues; and the perspective of the reader in libraries, in more complex and isolated, “separate rooms.”1 As each reader has a “Shakespeare’s sister” with her own identity (such as the sister with whose assistance Virginia Woolf pleaded that it is possible to sustain one’s own vision on life), reading is bound to become “the art of lecture.” Furthermore, the book has an interior life flow and forms a clear perspective on life, which can be poetic or even aesthetic. Apparently, the book, the word, and the library are unable to maintain a determined place anymore. But the future is born from the present in which the number of printed books raises constantly and the number of readers stays the same.

  • Page Range: 101-105
  • Page Count: 5
  • Publication Year: 2018
  • Language: English