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Timișoara 2021 – Simbol și imagine
Timisoara 2021 – Image and Symbol

Essay on Legitimacy and Promotion

Author(s): Adrian Păcurar, Lia Lucia Epure
Subject(s): Social Sciences
Published by: Trivent Publishing
Keywords: legitimacy; public campaign; intellectuals; public sphere; social segments
Summary/Abstract: This article does an extensive analysis on some issues involved in the process of promoting and sustaining the image of a city. The analysis is built upon distinct elements of the current promotion process of the event scheduled for the year 2021: the city of Timisoara (Romania), European Capital of Culture. The study follows two major concepts. The first one concerns legitimacy with some derivative concepts. The second one discusses the concrete action of promoting such an event by different means to the public sphere. The concept of legitimacy is analyzed on two distinct dimensions. The first one tackles the issue of general legitimacy regarding the entire act of electing a city as a European Cultural Capital. The second one deals with the legitimacy of developing the actual process of promoting this type of an event. The concept of promoting by different forms of public campaigns is analyzed starting with some of our previous studies although the analysis goes2further and tries to establish new elements through which the process of promoting could have more chances of success. The role of the intellectuals and that of several distinct social segments are also discussed.

  • Page Range: 100-107
  • Page Count: 8
  • Publication Year: 2018
  • Language: Romanian