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Evaluation of the Current Position of CSR in the Logistics Sector
Evaluation of the Current Position of CSR in the Logistics Sector

Author(s): Simona Činčalová
Subject(s): Social Sciences, Economy
Published by: Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze
Keywords: Corporate social responsibility; logistics; Czech Republic
Summary/Abstract: Purpose:The paper focuses on the evaluation of the current position of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the logistics sector. Logistics plays a huge role within today ́s economy (an important part of GDP). It reports author ́s findings from a questionnaire survey. The aim of the research is to evaluate the use and scope of CSR implementation in medium and large enterprises operating in the NUTS 2 region, to identify the reasons for non-using of CSR policy in enterprises. Design/methodology/approach:In order to gain the knowledge about using of the CSR concept in business practice, the primary quantitative research was chosen, in which a questionnaire survey was conducted and sent to 70 businesses in September and October 2017. There wasa total of 11questions, both closed, open and semi-open. The data of 29 respondents were supplemented by the theory in this field and documentary analysis, including internal documents, descriptions of internal processes, employee magazine articles. Based on the evaluation of the questionnaire, research questions were answered. Findings: It was found that the most important motive for implementation CSR in a company is according to the surveyed companies “improving the reputation and image”. On the other hand, the biggest obstacle to the introduction of CSR is “lack of time”. This may be related to the lack of qualified staff. The most enterprises ensure the coherence of the CSR concept and the corporate strategy, but do not certificate CSR and are not going to do it. There were also described some CSR activities in three-bottom-line and its measurement. Research/practical implications:Results are relevant for medium and big enterprises in the sector Transport, exactly for top management (as CSR makers). It suggests that concept CSR is one of the ways how to for example improve the reputation of the company. It is needed to link this concept to the business strategy. This topic deserves a future research and there is a great field for potential researchers. Originality/value:The paper complements and extends findings of Czech and foreign studies in this field. There are lots of studies about corporate social responsibility, but this empirical analysis was conducted based on the research gap in the studies related to theCzech Republics ́ enterprises in the logistics sector. This study has an originality value of using primary data collected by the author.

  • Page Range: 154-165
  • Page Count: 12
  • Publication Year: 2018
  • Language: English