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Innovative Approach to a Specific Area of Career Management in the Czech Armed Forces
Innovative Approach to a Specific Area of Career Management in the Czech Armed Forces

Author(s): Kristýna Binková
Subject(s): Social Sciences, Economy
Published by: Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze
Keywords: Career; outplacement; soldiers; army
Summary/Abstract: Purpose: The aim of the paper is to briefly present the theoretical basis of career management issues and difficulties of placement of professional soldiers in the labour market, outline the current state of the specific area of career management in the Czech Armed Forces, describe the system of preparation of soldiers for a second career in Czech Republic and Poland and find preferences related to this topic ofa selected group of soldiers. Finally, propose measures for the innovation of the existing career management in the Czech Armed Forces.Design/methodology/approach: The theoretical basis was found based on the study of professional literature. An analysis oflegislative, conceptual and statistical documents was carried out to describe the current situation in the Czech Republicand two semi-structured interviews with a representative of the Warsaw Professional Activation Centreheld to describe the system used in Poland. The discovery of attitudes towards outplacement forms used by the Defence Department of Poland allowed a sociological survey of 86 professional soldiers in active service.Findings: In the Czech Republic, there is currently no elaborate system for the preparation of soldiers for the second career. Soldiers perceive integration to a civilian sector after the termination of military service as problematic. The outplacement system in the Polish armed forces is highly sophisticated, consists of several measures and can therefore serve as a good example. 86 respondents, professional soldiers, attendants of a course of senior officers evaluate the forms of support used in Poland positively. Soldiers would welcome coaching, group seminars job fairs, internships and vacancies at public sector organizations. Research/practicalimplications: From the results it is possible to deduce concrete measures for the managing and coordinating bodies of the Ministry of Defence,such as The Sections of the State Secretary of the Ministry of Defence and the Personnel Agency of the Army of the Czech Republic. Should some measures be approved, the next phase would be specifically carried out by personnel of military units and other external staff. Further research should be carried out withsoldiers in lower rank corps in order to provide a more comprehensive view of the issue.Originality/value: The main contribution and added value of the paper is the opening of under-researched and in debates at the level of Ministry of Defence often absent relationship between management of innovations in human resources management and management of second career of soldiers. The paper brings opinions and preferences of a representative sample of attendants of a course of senior officers related to thisoften-neglectedarea of career management. The preparation of soldiers for their post-military life is problematic and changes should be made. The good practice of the Polish defence may be followed.

  • Page Range: 66-76
  • Page Count: 11
  • Publication Year: 2018
  • Language: English