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Milos Island as an Example of Sustainable Development
Milos Island as an Example of Sustainable Development

Author(s): Artemiy Kurbanov, Inna Vershinina
Subject(s): Essay|Book Review |Scientific Life
Published by: Editura Lumen, Asociatia Lumen
Keywords: Ecology; sustainable development; environment; Milos Island; employment; quality of life.
Summary/Abstract: Sustainable development is the harmonization of the interests of the economy, local communities, and environment. Case study of Milos Island is an example of combination of economic and environmental interests of the local population in terms of the model of sustainable development. Milos Island belongs to the Cycladic islands in the Aegean Sea. Milos is of volcanic origin and therefore the mining industry is on the island. The island has bentonite, barrit, kaolin and others minerals. On the other hand, the island is a popular destination for domestic and international tourism. Milos also has cultural and religious significance: as a place of discovery of the statue of Aphrodite (Venus) of Milos and the place of early Christian catacombs location. The largest mining company in the island – S&B – cooperates with the Municipality in order to sustainable development on the island. The mining company helps to maintain employment of the local population, which is especially important in a situation of economic crisis in Greece. But it also tries to save the unique nature of the island. The western part of the island and its coast are included in the list of “Special Zone Reservation” in the framework of the European project “Natura 2000”.

  • Page Range: 247-258
  • Page Count: 12
  • Publication Year: 2018
  • Language: English