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A magyar népi kultúra elemeinek megjelenése animációs filmművészetünkben
Hungarian Folklore on the Screen

Author(s): György Szemadám
Subject(s): Cultural Anthropology / Ethnology, Film / Cinema / Cinematography
Published by: Molnár Kiadó
Summary/Abstract: The past fifty-two years of the art and production of cartoons, or animated films, in Hungary have been marked by the elements, motifs and influences of Hungarian folk culture in one way or another. Throughout these decades, numerous films were produced which, in their subject matter, formal design or music, clearly demonstrated an affiliation with those popular traditions which we could either call popular culture, folk art, or simply folk tradition in general.

  • Page Range: 237-249
  • Page Count: 13
  • Publication Year: 2009
  • Language: Hungarian