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GULAG a ženský fenomén
GULAG and the Female Phenomenon

Women's Experiences from Former Czechoslovakia in Labour Camps GULAG in the USSR

Author(s): Peter Juščák
Subject(s): WW II and following years (1940 - 1949), Cold-War History
Published by: Fórum Kisebbségkutató Intézet
Keywords: female phenomenon;personal testimonies;labour camps GULAG
Summary/Abstract: The study Gulag and the female phenomenon shows the position of women in labour camps of the GULAG system after the Second World War. These women were taken from the territory of former Czechoslovakia during the movement of the front across this territory. The paper is based on personal testimonies of living women, their relatives or offspring. The author also quotes the written testimonies of other sufferers, who were meeting with women in the camp. The study is also based on the literature related to labour camps GULAG. The author points out that the Communist regime distinguished only minimally between the position of woman and man in labour camp. For this reason, the position of the woman in the labour camp was much more difficult.

  • Page Range: 53-66
  • Page Count: 14
  • Publication Year: 2017
  • Language: Slovak