Control problems and Challenges to Construction Supervision Cover Image

Контролни проблеми и предизвикателства пред строителния надзор
Control problems and Challenges to Construction Supervision

Author(s): Plamena Nedyalkova
Subject(s): Economy
Published by: Икономически университет - Варна
Keywords: Control; Construction supervision; Investor
Summary/Abstract: The construction supervision is a complex control activity that requires a complex of knowledge and skills. He may be entrust various tasks relating to the quality performance of the investment project, which gives rise to the complexity of the supervisory activity and the variety of approaches and mechanisms to achieve the tasks assigned to the task. The construction supervision ensures that projects are built in accordance with the project and project specification, he is caring for the quality of the construction activities, as well as controlling the construction safety. Its scope also includes control over planning and monitoring of performance, monitoring of inputs and control of construction costs. Consequently, construction supervision may carry out different types of control actions and procedures, which is determined by the contracting authority as well as determined by the specifics and the type of the investment project. The construction supervision in the performance of its tasks, acts on behalf of its contracting authority, which is the challenge of this kind of control, skillfully combining proper compliance with the contracting authority’s requirements and, on the other hand, should not exceed its responsibilities.

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