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A Skeptical View of Sustainability
A Skeptical View of Sustainability

Author(s): Lou Marinoff
Subject(s): Economy, Energy and Environmental Studies
Published by: ASERS Publishing
Keywords: sustainability; economics and philosophy; rational choice; technology; education; environment
Summary/Abstract: ‘Sustainable development’ has been a much-cited and cynically over-employed phrase during the past several decades. While sustainable economic growth is both desirable and also necessary for the stability of nation-states as well as multinational entities, philosophical questions arise as to the nature of sustainability itself. This chapter will assess some limitations imposed on sustainability, and therefore on sustainable development, in terms of physical, biological, bio-economic, game theoretic, anthropological, and technological considerations. These in turn carry implications for policy-makers with respect to innovation, education, energy, and the environment.

  • Page Range: 14-30
  • Page Count: 17
  • Publication Year: 2014
  • Language: English