When Does Utopianism Produce
Dystopia? Cover Image
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When Does Utopianism Produce Dystopia?
When Does Utopianism Produce Dystopia?

Author(s): Gregory Claeys
Subject(s): Political Theory, History and theory of political science
Published by: Central European University Press
Summary/Abstract: So how far is utopianism part of totalitarianism, or theoretically or causally related to it? This is, clearly, a definitional issue at the outset, and so an assessment of terms is necessary at the outset here. I will then look at a schema of utopian projections before turning to the totalitarian dystopia.My concentration here will be on the now well-grounded hypothesis that utopia has been most prone to produce dystopia when it assumes the shape of a “political religion.” Finally, I will try to modify this hypothesis somewhat by disaggregating the millenarian and other components within supposed “political religions” in order to see what is left once the more destructive elements in modern utopianism have been winnowed out.

  • Page Range: 41-61
  • Page Count: 21
  • Publication Year: 2017
  • Language: English