On the language of the annals of Fra Jakov Baltić – once again Cover Image
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O jeziku Baltićeva Godišnjaka – još jedanput
On the language of the annals of Fra Jakov Baltić – once again

Author(s): Ivo Pranjković
Subject(s): Christian Theology and Religion, Language studies, Language and Literature Studies, 19th Century, Philology
Published by: Franjevačka teologija Sarajevo
Keywords: Jako Baltić; Franciscans; yearbook; language;
Summary/Abstract: The point of this article are some linguistic peculiarities in The Annals of Church and World Events and Time Changes in Bosnia (Godišnjak od događaja crk venih, svietskih i promine vrimena u Bosni) by fra Jako Baltić and how they were not subject in former reflection of the author (see “Jezik fra Jake Baltića”, in: Hrvatski jezik i franjevce Bosne Srebrene, Zagreb, 2000, 80-115). The points are the adjective mnogi (many) in singular (e.g. drže mlogu kozu), the use of different adverbs as vrlo, jako (very, strongly), (e.g. krupno, vele, naglo, plaho, comp. naše stvari krupno podupiraše or vino rodi naglo dobro), unusual changes of verbal reaction (e.g. rade o nadnici), the intensifying function of adjectives isti (e.g. otimaju novce and iste opanke skidaju), constructions with the so called predicate accusative (e.g. naziva tu zahvalnicu heretičnu), numerous examples of accusative constructions with the infinitive (e.g. odrediše pomoć kupiti), and numerous utterances (terms, phases, sentences, proverbs, citations from the Bible) in Latin. Attention was also drawn to many errors and/or inconsistencies of the philological nature in preparing the second enlarged edition of the Annals 2003, separately when the point was writing about the reflexes of jat, in addition to the interpretation of some issues. Among other things there are interpretations of words like pobuloga, žapati, izjedra, pometenik, iskopajnik, kučinjaša, pitnjak, dimka, oprašica, fulica, ustribik ect.

  • Page Range: 341-361
  • Page Count: 21
  • Publication Year: 2010
  • Language: Croatian