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Workshop Debates
Workshop Debates

Contributor(s): András Bíró (Editor)
Subject(s): Inter-Ethnic Relations, EU-Accession / EU-DEvelopment, Politics and Identity
Published by: Kossuth Kiadó Zt.
Summary/Abstract: The main purpose of this whole endeavour has been to stimulate dialogue between activists, intellectuals and commentators. encouraging this dialogue has been in the forefront of the initiators’ minds from the very start. For this reason it was decided to extend the discussion beyond the initial debate between the authors of the three essays through the medium of print as far as possible. Consequently a number of activists and intellectuals were invited to offer a short response to the essays in preparation for fuller discussion at a follow-up workshop. brief extracts from these comments are included as text boxes accompanying the edited transcript of the workshop proceedings. Roma and non-roma with similar interests in developing the current level of discourse surrounding roma took part in a workshop held near bucharest in the autumn of 2011. The first day allowed participants to clarify points with the authors and engage in preliminary discussions, while the second day’s proceedings – which were recorded and subsequently transcribed – were devoted to more focused debate on what had been identified as key topics.

  • Page Range: 129-195
  • Page Count: 67
  • Publication Year: 2013
  • Language: English