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ESP for Horticulture – Needs Analysis and Genre Analysis
ESP for Horticulture – Needs Analysis and Genre Analysis

Author(s): Gabriella Kovács
Subject(s): Foreign languages learning, Applied Linguistics, Translation Studies
Published by: Scientia
Keywords: ESP;horticulture;specialized text
Summary/Abstract: The necessity of ESP courses in higher education has become obvious and imperative since Romania became member of the European Union. A thorough needs analysis was conducted involving horticulture students and colleagues from Sapientia University (Tîrgu-Mureş, Romania), and other professionals with work experience, in order to determine what genres are the students more likely to encounter in the future, what sort of tasks they have to be able to perform in their profession. Specialized texts used by horticulturists belonging to different genres were gathered. A part of them has been analyzed from the following viewpoints: their specific structure; the communicative functions expressing specialized meanings; means of creating cohesion; expressing rhetorical functions; cognitive processes. The needs analysis and genre analysis are of great help in deciding what kind of tasks and activities can best prepare the students for their future profession.

  • Page Range: 285-295
  • Page Count: 11
  • Publication Year: 2011
  • Language: English