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The Value Orientation of the Czech Companies in the Frame of Sustainable Corporate Responsibility
The Value Orientation of the Czech Companies in the Frame of Sustainable Corporate Responsibility

Author(s): Dušan Kučera, Jana Müllerová
Subject(s): Politics / Political Sciences, Social Sciences, Economy
Published by: Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze
Keywords: Values; responsibility; sustainability; decision making; consequences
Summary/Abstract: Purpose: The authors are interested in the relations between the value orientation and performance of the Czech companies in the frame of the sustainable corporate responsibility (SCR) concept. The purpose of study is to analyse the current perception of companies and their managers/owners in the environment of transformational economies in CEE influenced by neoliberal concept of business mainly for profit. In this paper, the results of pilot research will be described. Design/methodology/approach: The methodology of research was adopted from the research ny Torugsa et al (2012), we extended their methodology with new questions about ethical values. We did the survey from the January till March 2017, in specific cases the interviews were done. The pilot research sample is 53 questionnaires addressed to the top management of selected companies we use of quota system; the respondents were asked randomly. Statistical analysis was conducted based on crosstabs and Chi square test. Results were interpreted in the cultural context and environment of the transformation economy - the Czech Republic. Findings: The pilot research findings identify the value position of the selected Czech companies regarding SCR. The philosophy of SCR is based on the holistic responsibility of management including the economic, environmental and social area of company. The findings reveal especially the personal ethical position of management based on a developed specific value orientation. As an important accent of management is the responsibility for future generations. The research reflects also the intensity and time scope of selected measures. The questionnaire will be modified according the results to the feedback of respondents with personal clarifications. Research/practical implications: Implications of research are based on the identification of value preferences which are important for practical decision making and managerial measures in specific company activities. The personal value orientation of managers has practical implication in master and executive education or consulting, because the identified value preferences are surpassing the classical economic rational and speculative frame of thinking reflecting actually the empiric situation. For this new value basis will be necessary to develop new educational approach for management development. The results of pilot research confirm the starting idea and can be enlarged for the next and significant research sample. Originality/value: The research is unique in the Czech Republic because of the SCR orientation as a deep shift from CSR to SCR concept in company management. The authors used three dimensional approaches: declared values combining economic, environmental, social and future oriented sustainability concept and performance. Originality of the study is based on identification and description of philosophical assumption of managerial thinking as (in comparison with neoliberal economy) a new basis for decision process of management in companies. The pilot research offers fundamental sample set making possible to deduce the consequences for one-sided profit orientation.

  • Page Range: 496-504
  • Page Count: 13
  • Publication Year: 2017
  • Language: English