Ecoman a Simulation Game as a Powerful Learning Tool Cover Image

Ecoman a Simulation Game as a Powerful Learning Tool
Ecoman a Simulation Game as a Powerful Learning Tool

Author(s): Melissa Michielsen, Oliver Holz
Subject(s): Economy, Human Resources in Economy
Published by: Икономически университет - Варна
Keywords: entrepreneurship; manager; responsibilities; skills; teamwork
Summary/Abstract: The business game ECOMAN has been organized since 1996 by the Faculty of Economics and Business of KU Leuven Campus Brussels. The game is an example of an interactive and skills-focused approach. The participants have to act as if they direct a company. To lead the company many decisions have to be taken according to the mission statement and strategic objectives. The intention is that the management team runs the company for a number of financial years (game rounds). For this, they need to make decisions taking into account disruptive economic and business factors. Every decision has an impact on the overall business situation. Within this context, simulation games are 110 extremely powerful learning tools, allowing the decision maker (player) to formulate and test the results of the different decisions taken as a manager. By playing the business game ECOMAN the participants clearly have a lot more insight into business economics as the game teaches them the effects of various unexpected factors to estimate better. The reaction of the individual and the group is thoroughly tested. Moreover they learn to work independently on a project and practice their foreign language and presentation skills.