Effects of migration on the EU economy Cover Image

Ефекти на миграцията върху икономиката на ЕС
Effects of migration on the EU economy

Author(s): Tilcho Ivanov
Subject(s): Economic policy, Security and defense, Migration Studies
Published by: Нов български университет
Keywords: migration; economic effects; European security;
Summary/Abstract: Migration issues are one of the significant events of the decade, with increasing effects on regional security. Much of MEPs assess migration as one of the four main threats to European security. We could assume that today it is becoming more important and involves far-reaching effects in the future, both for security and for the economy of the country and Europe. The report aims to outline the main effects of migration on the EU economy. The conclusions on the effects form the basis for clarifying the differences in political positions of member states. They explain polarization and hardening of national security policies and turn to search Pareto – effective measures to solve the migration problem.