The European Union and the crisis of multiculturalism Cover Image

Европейският съюз и кризата на мултикултурализма
The European Union and the crisis of multiculturalism

Author(s): Vihren Buzov
Subject(s): Security and defense, Migration Studies, Inter-Ethnic Relations
Published by: Нов български университет
Keywords: multiculturalism; forced migration; EU and illegal migration;
Summary/Abstract: Main Western leaders (Merkel, Sarkozy) recognized the crisis of multiculturalism several years before the current situation of rising tension within the EU caused by increasing migration pressure. The report focuses on the economization and securitization of forced migration to Southeast Europe and the European Union as a whole. Migrants are innocent victims of conflicts arising from unjust social and political order, military interventions, civil wars, oppressive regimes and ethnic tension caused by rich countries and their elites. Finding an adequate solution to the problem of forced migration and overcoming the violence that lies at its base should be a shared responsibility of the whole humanity. Political and economic elites cannot solve this problem – by their actions they contribute to its deterioration. The agreement between the EU and Turkey is a great success only to Erdogan.