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Decision-Making in the Context of E-Commerce Systems
Decision-Making in the Context of E-Commerce Systems

Author(s): Petr Suchánek, Dominik Vymetal, Robert Bucki
Subject(s): Economy, Business Economy / Management, Accounting - Business Administration
Published by: ASERS Publishing
Keywords: e-commerce system; decision-making; e-commerce system modelling; e-commerce system simulations
Summary/Abstract: Electronic commerce (e-commerce) is a very powerful tool for implementing business activities. Essential support for electronic commerce is the so-called e-commerce system. E-commerce systems are systems aimed at a broad target group and require specific approaches to decision-making. The optimal and most exact way how to obtain and find optimal solution of e-commerce system, its process structure, management and decision-making is modeling and simulation. Creation of simulation can be divided into three basic steps. The first step is the creation of appropriate models, the second step is to carry out a detailed mathematical description of these models and the last step is to propose system for simulation. In this paper, in the first part, the authors describe the structure of e-commerce system and its management system, the methods of e-commerce systems modeling based on process oriented, value-chain oriented and multi-agent system oriented approaches. The second part focuses on e-commerce systems simulations as a decision-making support and the main attention is devoted to definition of production function, equations of state and heuristic management of the production process, all in direct relation to the implementation of simulation system.

  • Page Range: 49-89
  • Page Count: 41
  • Publication Year: 2011
  • Language: English