Parameters of the social functioning of Turkish in Bulgaria Cover Image
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Параметри на социално функциониране на турския език в България
Parameters of the social functioning of Turkish in Bulgaria

Author(s): Harun Bekir
Subject(s): Language studies, Language and Literature Studies, Applied Linguistics, Language acquisition, Sociolinguistics, Cognitive linguistics, Descriptive linguistics
Published by: Издателска къща "Гутенберг"
Keywords: Linguistic situation; Turkish; Bulgaria; Turkish language;
Summary/Abstract: The linguistic picture in Bulgaria is far from monolinguistic. Turkish is in a strong position in Bulgarian linguistic situation because it is really used and is a key element of the group identity of its bearers. Turkish in Bulgaria enjoys a high prestige withing the framework of its own group. It has real communication functions and is handed down in the family. The distribution and social function of Turkish as one of the minority languages is also important for the linguistic situation in the country. In connection with this, it is one of the linguistic formations participating in the Bulgarian linguistic situation. In analyzing the functioning of Turkish in Bulgaria, we have also tried to define the spheres of its usage and to present the place of Turkish in the life of the Turks, in addition to the spheres of communication and the individual social strata; the main trends related to Turkish and the factors that determine them, as well as to evaluate the conditions with a view to the future of Turkish among the Turkish community in Bulgaria.