The Eros as a Phenomenological Concept. Metaphysical Look at a Non-materialized Eros Cover Image
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Еросът във феноменологичен контект. Метафизичен поглед към един неопредметен Ерос
The Eros as a Phenomenological Concept. Metaphysical Look at a Non-materialized Eros

Author(s): Nevena Krumova
Subject(s): Philosophy, Social Sciences, Metaphysics, Ethics / Practical Philosophy, Social Philosophy
Keywords: Philosophical Eros; Metaphysics; Beautiful; Sublime; Truth; Fear
Summary/Abstract: The main purpose of this paper is to review the place of the concept of Eros within the parameters of the metaphysics, seeing Eros not as a social, psychological, esthetic or any other kind of concept, but exactly as a subject of a metaphysical inquiry. What is this metaphysical inquiry, within which the issue of Eros can be unfolded, in particular, and what is the answer to the question „Do we fall in love with the metaphysics?”? To find out the answer, we need to define what we mean by metaphysics in this study, i.e. we cannot ask any kind of metaphysical question without facing the question „What is metaphysics?”, entering the same circle of thoughts faced by Heidegger himself. But our „here and now” is different and therefore the answers to this question would be different. We make the clarification that the critical transcendental metaphysics, which Kant wrote about in the „Critic of Pure Reason”, is different from the way Heidegger raised his metaphysical issues. We underline that we make a difference between the being concept of Heidegger and the cognitive concept of Kant, but in both cases it is with no doubt a metaphysical problem.

  • Page Range: 187-192
  • Page Count: 6
  • Publication Year: 2015
  • Language: Bulgarian