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Някои текстологически проблеми в панегиричното творчество на Климент Охридски (По материали от „Похвално слово за пророк Илия“)
Certain Textological Problems of Panegyric Works by Clement of Ochrida

Author(s): Svetlina Nikolova
Subject(s): Language and Literature Studies, Studies of Literature, Bulgarian Literature
Published by: Кирило-Методиевски научен център при Българска академия на науките
Summary/Abstract: In connection with a copy of “Encomium of Prophet Elijah” so far unknown (found in manuscript No 4204 of the Collection of Manuscripts at the University Library of the town of Cluj, the Socialist Republic of Romania, written during the 16th century in Moldova, in Middle Bulgarian language), the textological problems related to this sermon of Clement, are raised for a comprehensive reassessment. The history of its text is outlined on the basis of the analysis of the newly found copy, the copy of the Ochrida, German and Jagič manuscripts, four Russian copies which appeared in the 12th century to the 15th century period, a Serbian copy of the 16th century and all data on the rest of the copy of this work, known to science so far. It is established that at present we do not have available the author’s text of the work and we do not know a single copy that contains a homogeneous author’s version. The text known to us is actually a new version which appeared at the turn of the 13th century or the beginning of the 14th century as a result of the mechanical combination of two other versions, carried out by priest Theodor, the copyist of the Ochrida manuscript. However, in this version the features of the two texts, used by priest Theodor are rendered with adequate precision. Therefore, in this sense we may consider that the traits of Clement's original are correctly presented in the Ochrida manuscript as far as the greater part of the text is concerned, copied from the protograph, which stands out with a greater similarity to the initial text of Clement and has an archaic language. The copy of the German manuscript stands closest to the Ochrida copy, which indisputably is the archetype of all copies. Then follows the Cluj copy, while the most distant is the copy in the Jagič manuscript. The textological analysis of the “Encomium of Prophet Elijah” makes it possible to draw several conclusions on a number of questions related to the text of Clement's panegeric works in general: the questions that deal with the history of the text as a sine qua non condition so as to reach the possibly most secure conclusions as to the author's text of Clement's sermons; as to the versions of the sermons and Clement's participation in the development of various versions; as to the significance of the chronology of the copies when defining their relationship to the author's text; as to the importance of the copies made outside of the Bulgarian literary centres when determining the text closest to the original; as to the principles in the choice of the basic text and as to the criteria in the selection of the variants that have to be applied in the preparation of a critical edition of Clement's panegyric sermons.

  • Page Range: 63-119
  • Page Count: 73
  • Publication Year: 1984
  • Language: Bulgarian, Old Bulgarian