Religions, ethnicities and security Cover Image

Етноси и религии през призмата на сигурността
Religions, ethnicities and security

Author(s): Kostadin Vasilev Yazov
Subject(s): Theology and Religion, Security and defense, Inter-Ethnic Relations, Politics and Identity, Peace and Conflict Studies
Published by: Висше училище по сигурност и икономика (ВУСИ)
Keywords: religion; ethnicity; community; security
Summary/Abstract: All the continents of the Earth, as well as Bulgaria as a separate country, are inhabited by different ethnic communities. Since the existence of human civilization, people belonging to different ethnic communities have faced a serious dilemma, how to live in cohabitation and protect their territories. Very often in history conflicts have arisen due to differences and ethnic attitudes in various communities. If religious differences are added to the ethnic ones, then the interactions between the individual communities become more complicated and sometimes impossible. This, in turn, it rise conflicts, which we also witness in the modern world. The interaction and integration of people from different communities, characterized by distinct characteristics, could be beneficial for the peace and security, both in a separate country and in the whole world. The objective of the report is to examine unifying features of the individual ethnicities through the prism of security.