The triad of politics-demography-national security in the destiny of Bulgarians Cover Image

Триадата политика – демография – национална сигурност в съдбата на българите
The triad of politics-demography-national security in the destiny of Bulgarians

Author(s): Trendafil Atanasov Mitev
Subject(s): Security and defense, Demography and human biology, Politics and Identity
Published by: Висше училище по сигурност и икономика (ВУСИ)
Keywords: demographics; demographic policy; demographic catastrophe; National Security
Summary/Abstract: In the history of the Bulgarian people, a permanent trend is laid down, which is manifested by the certainty of an unchangeable political law: in the implementation of an incorrect policy by the authorities in relation to the demographic state of the nation, the Bulgarians and their country are faced with the most serious tests. In some of the cases (at the end of the 90s of the 14th century), the finale was the sunset and liquidation of the independent state institution. And vice versa – when conducting the optimal possible favorable demographic policy, the Bulgarian nation grows very quickly and solves the most significant problems related to its existence (the example of the survival of our nation during the period of Ottoman rule, the conquest of liberation in 1878, the rapid development of the economy and culture in the second half of the 20th century, etc.). During the last quarter century of the current century, once again the authorities in Sofia did not implement the optimal possible policy for the current conditions, which would prevent the spontaneous „escape of Bulgarians from the motherland“, which is why the problem related to national security again comes to the fore as a primary state task. This article is an attempt to reveal both the adverse consequences of the wrong demographic policy for national security and also the benefits that national security gains from pursuing a policy that pushes forward the development of national demographic potential. The purpose of the article is to summarize the existing experience – both with a negative tone and with a constructive content, in order to apply what life has proven to be useful for the upward development of Bulgaria. Because without a people there is no country. In a country with a small population, national security cannot be guaranteed.