Food waste and out-of-home dining: the case of university canteens in Bulgaria Cover Image

Хранителни отпадъци при хранене извън дома: на примера на университетски столове в България
Food waste and out-of-home dining: the case of university canteens in Bulgaria

Author(s): Nina Tipova, Elka Vasileva, Stiliyan Stefanov, Daniela Ivanova
Subject(s): Economy, National Economy, Agriculture, Energy and Environmental Studies
Published by: Международно висше бизнес училище
Keywords: food waste; out-of-home dining; university canteens; Bulgaria
Summary/Abstract: Food waste is a global problem that has an impact on the entire food chain and affects each and every one of us. The problem is multifaceted and has a number of negative consequences. Food waste has a negative impact on the environment, resources, the climate and leads to an increase in economic and social costs. Food safety, feeding the planet’s growing population and achieving sustainable development depend on the ability of current generations to tackle food waste and loss of food at every stage of the food chain. The current study assesses the state of food waste in out-of-home dining (based on the case of university canteens) by identifying the categories of foods in which the waste is greatest. The study used the method of direct observation in three university canteens in Sofia. The results can be used by stakeholders in developing appropriate tools and policies to solve the problem and meet the UN’s global development goals. Meeting target 12.3 requires globally to halve food waste per capita at retail and household level and reduce food losses along the food production and supply chain, including post-harvest losses by 2030.